Bukstein pleads guilty to violating restraining order

Kimberley Bukstein pleaded guilty yesterday in court to violating a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) filed against her in Dakota County by Michael Brodkorb.

Brodkorb was granted separate HROs against Kimberley and her husband Jay Bukstein in March after they relentlessly harassed Brodkorb for the past year. Kimberley and Jay Bukstein are supporters of Dede Evavold, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, and Michelle MacDonald.

The Buksteins are referenced in the award-winning true crime book,  The Girls Are Gone, which was written by Brodkorb and Allison Mann.

Both Kimberley and Jay Bukstein are also “qualified” Rule 114 ADR Neutrals for the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office.

Kimberley Bukstein was charged on May 30, 2019, with a misdemeanor for violating the HRO filed by Brodkorb. In a brief court appearance yesterday at the Dakota County Northern Service Center in West St. Paul, Minnesota, Bukstein pleaded guilty and was given one year of probation and ordered to pay a fine of $130. Bukstein was also 0rdered to have no contact with Brodkorb and remain law-abiding.

Criminal charges filed against Jay Bukstein and Dede Evavold for violating restraining orders

Jay Bukstein has also been criminally charged for violating an HRO filed by Brodkorb. Bukstein violated the conditions of the HRO less than 90 minutes after a judge in Dakota County upheld the HRO filed by Brodkorb against Jay Bukstein.

Bukstein was arranged in court on June 4, 2019, but did not enter a plea and a pre-trial hearing was scheduled for September 10, 2019.

In an unrelated criminal case, Dede Evavold was criminally charged in May with violating a separate HRO granted to protect Brodkorb and his family from Evavold’s harassment. Evavold also had a court appearance yesterday in the same courtroom as Kimberley Bukstein. Evavold did not enter a plea, and a pre-trial hearing was scheduled for October 31, 2019.

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