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MacDonald announces fifth campaign for Supreme Court

Michelle MacDonald, who was labeled a “person of interest” in the disappearance of missing children and is facing discipline by the Minnesota Supreme Court, said she will be a candidate again for the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2022.

MacDonald announced her campaign earlier this month during a worship service at Shiloh Temple International Ministries in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This is MacDonald’s fifth campaign for the Minnesota Supreme Court. MacDonald was an unsuccessful candidate in 2020, having previously lost three bids for the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2014, 2018, and 2018. Since 2014, MacDonald has maintained an active campaign committee and website to promote her candidacy.

MacDonald will likely face Associate Justice Gordon Moore, who was appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2020. Moore has not made a formal announcement that he will seek election to the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2022.

Aside from being a repeat candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court, MacDonald notes on the website for her law firm that she “aspires to be a United States Supreme Court Justice.” MacDonald asked then-President Donald Trump to nominate her to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in late-September 2020. Trump later nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg

In October 2020, a judicial referee appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court determined MacDonald “caused harm to both the public and legal profession” that warrant MacDonald being placed on supervised probation. Continue reading

Court: Evavold liable for nearly $6 million in damages

A court in Dakota County has ruled that Dede Evavold is liable for nearly six million dollars in damages to David Rucki, and his daughters Samantha Rucki and Gianna Rucki, for Evavold’s involvement in the disappearance of Samantha and Gianna.

Evavold was convicted in September 2016 of six felonies for her role in the disappearance of Samantha and her sister Gianna, who were abducted near their home in Lakeville, Minnesota, by their mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, during a custody and divorce proceeding.

In November 2017, Evavold was sued in civil court in Dakota County by David, Samantha, and Gianna, for numerous damages related to her crimes.

Judge Jerome Abrams ordered last week that Evavold “negligently and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on David Rucki, Samantha Rucki, and Gianna Rucki.” As a result, Judge Abrams awarded David, Samantha, and Gianna damages against Evavold, totaling $5,760,927.

Evavold, Grazzini-Rucki, and Doug, and Gina Dahlen were each criminally charged and convicted for their roles in Samantha and Gianna’s disappearance. A civil lawsuit filed by David, Samantha, and Gianna, against the Dahlens and their church was settled in September 2018. The terms of the settlement were not made public.

David Rucki awarded $1 million in damages for defamation by Evavold

After being released from jail, Evavold repeatedly violated the explicit terms of her probation and the HRO by continuing to reference the Rucki family in her use of social media. Evavold’s blog posted pictures of the Rucki family, their home in Lakeville, and the address to the home, in violation of the HRO and the conditions of her probation.

Judge Abrams ruled that Evavold’s post “meet the definition of defamation…” and that she wrote “or re-posted articles by others making vicious and untrue statements about David Rucki…”

David was awarded $3,379,019 in damages, of which $1 million was allocated for defamation by Evavold.

Evavold’s criminal trial scheduled for February

Aside from now being liable for over $5.7 million in damages to the Rucki family, Evavold will also be in criminal court next month.

Evavold criminal trial for violating a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) filed against her by Michael Brodkorb is scheduled for February. She was charged in May 2019 after she attempted to contact Brodkorb to restart her blog after WordPress suspended it for violating their terms of service.

Evavold is currently on probation related to her criminal conviction in 2016. A conviction in this criminal case would likely trigger a probation violation and jail time for Evavold. 

The harassment by Evavold and others is detailed in the award-winning true crime book The Girls Are Gonewhich was written by Brodkorb and Allison Mann.

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