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Tom Barnard critical of Trish Van Pilsum’s treatment of the Rucki family

In a recent interview with Michael Brodkorb and Allison Mann for The Tom Barnard Podcast, host Tom Barnard strongly criticized Trish Van Pilsum for withholding critical information which could have helped reunite two missing sisters – Samantha and Gianna Rucki – with their family and friends within days of the children disappearing 2013.

Brodkorb and Mann appeared on The Tom Barnard Podcast to discuss their new best-selling true crime book, The Girls Are Gone, which details Van Pilsum’s unethical conduct as a journalist also broke the Rucki’s family trust with the media. This lack of trust contributed greatly to a lack of any substantive media coverage about the disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki for nearly two years.

At the end of the podcast, Barnard directed his final remarks at Van Pilsum:

Trish, I have no idea how the hell you could do this cause, I’ve been around parents who’ve lost their children. Neither one of them came back, one of them died from huffing, the other one, Jacob [Wetterling], unfortunately, was buried for I don’t know how many years. How you could walk away from that and be comfortable I will never understand cause I could never do what you did. Never.

As noted in the interview, Barnard has worked in the past with Patty Wetterling to help promote public awareness about missing children, including the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. Click here to listen to Brodkorb and Mann’s full interview for The Tom Barnard Podcast. Continue reading

Trish Van Pilsum and missing children: how one reporter failed

On Thursday evening, news broke that 13-year old Jayme Closs had been found alive 88 days after she vanished from her home after her parents were murdered.

For 88 days, people wondered if Closs would ever be seen alive again. On the 88th day, the prayers of many were answered when Closs was found alive. A suspect in the kidnapping of Closs and the murder of her parents was also arrested.

We celebrate the return of Jayme Closs to her family and we pray for their healing and peace, as well as justice for those involved in the murder of her parents and in keeping Jayme hidden for 88 days.

The morning after Jayme was found, law enforcement had a press conference to provide updates to the public on the miraculous news. In his remarks, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald thanked the media for their role in helping the public remember that a 13-year-old girl was missing. Continue reading