Court grants emergency motion to remove threatening post by Evavold

A judge in Dakota County granted an emergency motion today ordering Dede Evavold to remove a threatening blog post which contained the private address of the Rucki family.

Judge Philip Kanning granted the motion filed by Lisa Elliott on behalf of the Rucki family at a court hearing this afternoon on the Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) granted by a court in Dakota County earlier this year.

Elliott said in court today that Evavold’s post published the private address of the Rucki family on a platform with a “dangerous” audience. Evavold did not respond to Elliott’s claims in court, but Judge Kanning said he would immediately grant the motion filed by Elliott.

Judge Kanning also granted Elliott’s request for a continuance of today’s hearing. Elliott told Judge Kanning that she is waiting for a subpoena to be answered which will provide her with additional evidence to document Evavold’s continued harassment of the Rucki family.

Evavold argued in court against the continuance of today’s hearing, by claiming that she has not had any contact with the Rucki family. Judge Kanning said Evavold’s arguments will be answered during Evavold’s upcoming criminal trial scheduled to begin next year.

Before the hearing ended, Judge Kanning reminded Evavold that the HRO granted by Judge Karen Asphaug in July remains in effect.

Evavold was sentenced on November 10, 2016 after being found guilty of six felony charges related to her involvement in the disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki, who were abducted by their mother near their home in Lakeville, Minnesota on April 19, 2013 during a custody and divorce dispute involving their parents – Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and David Rucki.

Obnoxious behavior displayed by Evavold in court 

In the courtroom today Evavold was openly angry, slamming her leather padfolio on the table before the hearing started.

Evavold loudly chewed gum in the courtroom during her hearing, which triggered comments from people in the courtroom waiting for other hearings. At the conclusion of the hearing, Evavold interrupted Judge Kanning’s final remarks announcing that she had “one more question.”

Evavold looked directly at David Rucki and asked in a resentful and villainous voice, “where is Samantha?”

Elliott sternly responded on behalf of David Rucki that she also represented Samantha Rucki, as well as the minor children and that Samantha had no obligation to appear in court.

Judge Kanning suggested, lightheartedly, that Samantha Rucki likely had better things do to with her time eliciting a polite laugh from others waiting in the courtroom, and he confirmed that Samantha was not required to appear in court.

Today’s hearing was continued until March 14, 2018, which is after Evavold’s probation violation hearing for allegedly violating the conditions of her probation.

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