Another restraining order granted against Kimberley and Jay Bukstein

A judge in Washington County granted a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) against two supporters of Dede Evavold, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, and Michelle MacDonald for harassing an attorney for Michael Brodkorb and Missing in Minnesota.

Nathan Hansen filed for HRO against Kimberley Bukstein and her husband, Jay Bukstein, who reside together in St. Paul, Minnesota. Hansen has served as Brodkorb’s attorney regarding numerous HROs, including two filed against Kimberley and Jay Bukstein.

Kimberley Bukstein is a self-described “civil-rights advocate” who was fined $10,000 for the unauthorized practice of law in Ohio in 2013. Both Kimberley and Jay Bukstein are also “qualified” Rule 114 ADR Neutrals for the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office. The Buksteins are referenced in the award-winning true crime book,  The Girls Are Gone, which was written by Brodkorb and Allison Mann.

According to court documents, the Buksteins “excessively” contacted Hansen before and after Brodkorb was granted separate HROs against the Buksteins last month.

Respondents, Kimberley and Jay Bukstein have both excessively called my office both before the filing of Harassment Restraining Orders against them by my client, and since the time the Orders were granted. Phone calls have come at the rate of five per night at times. Respondent Kimberley Bukstein, on one occasion, began a flurry of voice messages by stating that she and her husband, Jay Bukstein, would be leaving a series of messages overnight. All of the messages from both Jay and Kimberley Bukstein are unnecessary, unwanted and harassing. These messages are not relevant to the case in which my client obtained Harassment Restraining Orders against Respondents. The cases regarding the Harassment Restraining Orders are now closed and have been since the Orders were granted one month ago.

Respondents began this pattern of harassment with emails. When I specifically instructed them to stop contacting me and blocked their emails, they not only persisted, but ramped up their contacts. Because I blocked their emails, I now receive multiple faxes at a time containing copies of emails they are attempting to send to me. These emails contain threats.

Similar to the harassment and threats made by the Buksteins to Brodkorb, Jay Bukstein “…stated in emails that his wife, Kimberley Bukstein would kill herself if the cases against them were not dismissed.”

Respondents Kimberley and Jay Bukstein have made threats to myself, my livelihood and my client. Respondent Jay Bukstein explicitly stated in emails that his wife, Kimberley Bukstein would kill herself if the cases against them were not dismissed. Ms. Bukstein herself made threats of suicide in emails as well including reference to Easter Sunday being a good day to die.

The court agreed and found that the Buksteins made both “harassing phone calls” and “threats” to Hansen. The HRO against the Buksteins remains in effect until May 1, 2021.

Criminal charge filed against Jay Bukstein last month for violating restraining order; previous restraining orders filed against both Kimberley and Jay Bukstein 

Jay Bukstein was criminally charged last month for violating the HRO filed against him in Dakota County by Brodkorb. Bukstein violated the conditions of the HRO less than 90 minutes after a judge in Dakota County upheld the HRO filed by Brodkorb against Jay Bukstein.

In May 2016, an HRO was granted against Kimberley and Jay Bukstein by a woman in Sherburne County. The Buksteins were alleged to have made repeated unwanted visits and phone calls.

In October 2017, an HRO was granted against Kimberley Bukstein by a 73-year-old woman in Ramsey County. Bukstein was accused of making unwanted phone calls and leaving messages. The woman testified that Bukstein walked into her home unannounced and uninvited.

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