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Facing sanctions and lawyers board investigation, MacDonald hires new attorney

Facing sanctions and an investigation by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility, Michelle MacDonald has retained a new attorney.

A Certificate of Representation for Karlowba R. Adams Powell (pictured above left via Twitter profile) to represent Michelle MacDonald was filed last Friday in Ramsey County.

According to public records, Ms. Powell law license was suspended last year for 45 days. As with MacDonald, Ms. Powell is currently on probation for 2 years.

It is unclear at this time what role Ms. Powell will have in MacDonald’s legal defense.  Continue reading

Court hearing scheduled for sanctions against Michelle MacDonald, Larry Frost

A court hearing has been scheduled in Dakota County for August 9, 2018, about the Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions filed against Michelle MacDonald and her supervising attorney, Larry Frost, in response to MacDonald’s lawsuit.

Nathan M. Hansen served MacDonald and her supervising attorney, Larry A, Frost, a Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions on June 18, 2018, in response to the “frivolous and vexatious” lawsuit from MacDonald.

MacDonald and Frost were given 21 days to withdraw the lawsuit “with prejudice” or the Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions would be filed with the court. Since the lawsuit was not dismissed “with prejudice” within 21 days, Hansen filed the Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions against MacDonald and Frost yesterday.

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